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Welcome to the Quarterback Club page. The Greencastle-Antrim Quarterback Club is the booster organization for the high school football team. The purpose of the Club is to offer a means to supplement the needs of the Greencastle-Antrim School District Football program and support any project approved and undertaken by the majority of the membership. If you have any questions for the board you can contact them at

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2017 Officers 

Name Position
John McDowell President
Rodney Eberly Vice President
Nicole Martin Treasurer
Nancy Marshall Secretary
Coach Tinninis G.A.H.S. Coach


2017 Board Members

Kerri Barnes
Lori Clopper
Tom Clopper
April Eberly
Rodney Eberly
Susan Hebert
Devin McCauley
Denise McDowell
Tom Mills
Maureen Reid
Gary Rhoe
Sherry Rhoe


2016 Booster Members

Tom Clopper


2015 Committees

Committee Members
Fundraising Denise McDowell, Lori Clopper, John McDowell
Merchandise Joe Schaeffer, Nicole Martin, Angie Atherton, April Eberly
Three-A-Days Lori Clopper, Kerri Barnes, Denise McDowell
Game Program/Ads Joe Schaeffer, Mike Zeger, Sherry Rhoe
Game Day Volunteers : Joe Schaeffer, Maureen Reid, April Eberly
Transportation Chris Marshall
Banquet Nancy Marshall, Nicole Martin, Maureen Reid, Lori Clopper, Joe Schaeffer
Senior Night Nancy Marshall, April Eberly, Kerri Barnes
Photograper/Videographer Chris Marshall
Website Denise McDowell
Meals for Away Games Gary Rhoe (Varsity), Kerri Barnes & Lori Clopper (JV Meals)
Window At Bank Rodney Eberly
Scholarship John McDowell, Joe Schaeffer, Kerri Barnes, Nancy Marshall
Social Media Maureen Reid


Committee and Duties Discriptions


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QB Club By-Laws - 2016


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